Top 5 Cheap Holiday Destinations for Indians

Traveling on a budget under 50,000 Indian Rupees is a real challenge for Indians and it is the major show stopper for Foreign travel. You would be surprised to learn that overseas travel is cheaper than domestic travel. A trip to Sri Lanka or Nepal is cheaper than a trip to Jammu and Kashmir or the Andaman […]

Thailand Itinerary – 10 days to sample the paradise!

Thailand – The Grandeur! Thailand is a paradise in the South East Asia, you may not want to part with on your return! The country has bluish green waters, white sandy beaches, misty mountains, river cruises, Mui Thai boxing, famous night markets that draw their curtains at dawn, beautiful floating markets for the early risers, […]

Things to do in Thailand – Destination, Festivals and Activities

Things to do in Thailand Ever heard of the “Thai Massage”? It’s the perfect stress buster to kill that acute backache. Go ahead and surrender yourself to a skilled masseuse, to enjoy a stress free nap. Thais’ are renowned for their massage therapy, just as the Chinese for Acupuncture. A traditional Thai Massage could cost you […]

Thailand Visa for Indians – Visa on Arrival

THAILAND VISA FOR INDIANS:  Thailand Visa for Indians has been one of the most touted tourist visa. Despite 30 countries offering Visa on arrival for Indians, Thai Visa has managed to out-beat its peers.  Indians travelling with a valid Indian Passport are eligible for Visa on Arrival (VOA) TOURIST VISA at Bangkok Airports. You could enter Thailand at […]


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Things to do in Chiang Mai – Day trip to Mon Jam

Chiang Mai is one of the best tourist destinations in Thailand, renowned for its weather, cultural heritage and laid back nature. There are numerous things to do in Chiang Mai to keep a traveler amazed and occupied. Things to do in Chiang Mai – A Day trip to Mon Jam Mon Jam (or) Mon Cham is […]

Chiang Dao – The city of Stars on a Misty Mountain!

Chiang Dao – Go for the Stars! Chiang Dao in Thai translates to “City of stars”, which is famous for the limestone caves “Chiang Dao Cave“, a must visit attraction in the vicinity. Chiang Dao is famous for the Wildlife Santuary as well. Its a small laid back town, where you can have a peaceful […]