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[tab]I have a day job. I am a commoner.[/tab]
[tab]I travel on Promo Tickets [/tab]
[tab]I aspire to travel the world[/tab]
[tab]Traveling is my [rotate_words titles=”Passion,Love,Life,Everything”][/tab]

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about me

I am a slave to the alternating blue green salty waters; basking in the hot sun on a beach hammock or a shady soft sun-bed with a “Caribbean long island iced tea”. An ardent fan and a lover of the deep blue sea, corals and the rich marine life. I have made few decent attempts at snorkeling, diving, kayaking and surfing along the serene white sandy beaches of Philippines, Thailand, Srilanka and India (Goa).

I dream of venturing on an endless travel – scaling mountains, sailing narrow seas and flapping my wings through the cold, blue skies. I have managed to outlive numerous traveler’s mistakes, and learnt to make new and better ones on successive trips. Travelling has guided me to learn, appreciate and fall in love with different culture, languages and the most important of all – the people.

I am a commoner, just as most of you, fighting to live another day with a day job. It’s pleasure inviting you on board the Promotraveller.

[quote align=”aligncenter” name=””]The corporate rating system and the receding economy has consistently failed to ground me and lock away my envisioned dreams[/quote]


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