Chiang Mai is one of the best tourist destinations in Thailand, renowned for its weather, cultural heritage and laid back nature. There are numerous things to do in Chiang Mai to keep a traveler amazed and occupied.

Things to do in Chiang Mai – A Day trip to Mon Jam

Mon Jam (or) Mon Cham is one of the top things to do in Chiang Mai. Mon Jam, located at 50 KM from the Chiang Mai city center, on top of a beautiful hill offers stunning views of the hills and valleys around. The spectacular place is ideal for camping, trekking and family picnic.

The cool weather and spicy Thai food under the bamboo huts offers a luxurious laid back leisure day. You could see an impeccable line up of colorful flowers adorning the hill top, grown cabbages and vegetables, step cultivation on the hill sides and the passing white clouds seemingly at your reach. Mon Jam is spectacularly picturesque and a natural selfie spot for many.If you are lucky, you may spot the hill tribals dressed in colorful traditional attire.

Things to do in Chiang Mai - Women in Thai Traditional Attire
Women in Thai Traditional Attire
Things to do in Chiang Mai - Mon Jam - Cafe
Mon Jam – Cafe
Things do in Chiang Mai - Colorful tiny flowersMon Jam
Colorful tiny flowers

You cannot miss the strawberry farms all along the way to Mon Jam from Route 107 and line up of few sit outs for lunch along the cool flowing river. The hilly road is a bit narrow and steeper throwing a challenge at the driver!

The restaurant and the cafe on the hill top offer a variety of tasty Thai and Western food.

Things to do in Chiang Mai - Mon Jam Restaurant
Mon Jam Restaurant
Things to do in Chiang Mai - Mon Jam - Lovely Couple
Lovely Couple

Mon Jam is one of the best day trips at Chiang Mai and is certainly worth a visit! The best way to commute is to tag along with your Thai friend or look out for a travel company offering group tours. Make sure to descend the hill before sunset, for driving is a real challenge down the hill!

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